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The perfect back-up plan for any once-in-a-lifetime event.

Capture ALL the fun!

Why be limited to the standard laundry list of shots that your photographer or videographer is sticking to?

There's a lot more going on at your wedding, bar mitzvah, graduation or other once in a lifetime event than the formal ceremony. Some of the most important, and memorable moments may be happening just beyond. Why not save all those moments?

If you're planning a wedding to remember, why not have all the angles - those candid moments, the funny thing your cousin did, the kids in their formal outfits, grandma's smile, all your family and friends, together, possibly for the first and only time in your life.

And while we're at it, we'll also be capturing the main event - a second look, if you will, on that all important moment that you've spent so many weeks, even months, planning. Better than having everything shot by just one videographer, and risking that there's no footage. Way better than relying on your shutterbug friend who may take months to send you whatever blurry snaps they managed to capture on their consumer camera… not to mention the bad vibes when you have to beg them to send it to you.

The joy, the tears, the laughs - have it all, to enjoy year after year.

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